We are a family owned farm and ranch in Gandy, Utah.  Our cattle are born and raised right here on Utah's West Desert.  The cattle spend the majority of the year roaming and grazing on thousands of acres of grass and sage land.  During the winter, they roam several hundred acres of ranch and farm land.  Their feed is supplemented during that time with grass and alfalfa hay.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Our cattle grow naturally and are not given any hormones or un-necessary antibiotics.  The cattle are never grained or corn fed.  Our beef is exceptionally lean!

Bates Family Ranch beef goes straight from our farm to the USDA certified butcher, to your table, frozen and vacuum sealed.

Beef can be purchased at Bates Family Ranch or at Fremont Market in Beaver, Utah.  

Delivery is available to Utah, Juab, Millard, Beaver, and Iron Counties.  Contact us before you purchase to see if delivery is available for you.

Purchase Prices directly from Bates Family Ranch:

Hamburger Patties (package of 5): $7.00

Ground Beef 1 lb package:  $5.00

Roasts (Per lb): $7.00

Chuck, Round, Pot and Rump.

Steaks (2 per package):

T-Bone: $11.00 per lb

Sirloin:  $11.00 per lb

Rib Eye: $15.00 per lb

All prices are before Utah State Sales Tax.

To order, call or text:801-787-6675